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Welcome to one of the leading global economies and a world champion in many disciplines; not just football. Germany is a leading developer of key technologies such as cars, computers, aeroplanes and aspirin.

Record players, tape recorders, television, the Walkman and MP3 technology were invented in Germany, and its success story continues. The German scientist Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, Roentgen founded X-rays and without Mr. Rambold we would probably have no tea bags in our cups.

But there is not only the spirit of research. Germany is also the economical, infrastructural engine and political heart of Europe. Germany has a millennium of history, culture and arts as well as a beautiful green and serene landscape. Did you know, that almost one-third of the country is woodland?

Germany is one of the loveliest, most developed and safest places to live and be successful in business.

Welcome to Germany – the favoured destination for your company!
Sophisticated infrastructure
Political and Social Stability
Fiscal and legal situation
Job market and education
Work-life-balance and quality of life
The German way of doing business

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